Graphic Design

Creating a solid and shared understanding in the early stages of development is key to an efficient workflow and the successful completion of any design project. I ensure that the direction is as clear and communicative as possible so you can be confident that your vision is carried through the design process to realisation. Graphic design for social media, posters, print, web, and everything from digital to print, let’s work together.

Character design and animation

Motion graphics

Motion graphics, animation, or video editing, as well as audio and sound editing can all be part of the service. Online advertising, television commercials, music videos, company promos, or explainer videos, I’ll work with you for your vision. I have extensive experience in post production video development and am happy to work with you at any stage of your project development. I’ll take your existing narrative, create the motion graphics to support it and then using the accumulated methods, technology, and know how of the modern age, do something very special indeed… bring your project to life!

motion graphics

Illustration & Character design

Whether it is illustration or character design for video games, mobile apps, company and website branding, or product proposals, image is everything...well almost everything. Let’s work together to create the visual element that best communicates your brand, company, project, the vibe, and everything in between!  

Illustration GIF

Overall sense of happiness

Let’s be friends! Then let's create this project of yours together, and then continue to be friends.